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Victims of Crime
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As a victim of crime, making decisions can be difficult and confusing. It is important to know how or where to get information and support. During this difficult time, it is vital that a victim is treated with courtesy, compassion and respect.

The Government of Western Australia is committed to responding to the needs of victims of crime, and those who are indirectly affected by that crime, such as families, friends and/or colleagues.

This website is an initiative of the Victims of Crime Reference Group and the State Government. It is designed to help victims of crime, their families and others by providing answers to the most commonly asked questions and issues encountered.

Western Australia Imtimate Images Law Compensation for Victims of Crime Strengthening the criminal law in response to child sexual abuse National Redress Scheme Videos for victims of crime







Experiences and Perceptions of Cyberbullying in Western Australia

An invitation to take part in a research survey

You are invited to take part in this research project which is about cyberbullying in Western Australia (WA). Researchers want to know which community groups are most affected, and whether laws are needed to deal with cyberbullying. The project is being run by researchers at Edith Cowan University (ECU) and is funded by the Office of the Commissioner for Victims of Crime within the Department of Justice. You are being asked to take part in this project because the researchers are keen to understand the experiences and views of adults in WA.












New intimate image laws – public forum
The Office of the Commissioner for Victims of Crime is undertaking a series of regional public forums to raise awareness around the new intimate image laws and to give parents and other community members the opportunity to ask questions of the Acting Commissioner on this and/or other victim related topics. Refer to public forum dates. [03/05/2019]

Family Violence Law Help
A new national website [ familyviolencelaw.gov.au ] for people wanting to understand Family and Domestic Violence has been released by Legal Aid. [12/03/2019]

Intimate Image Abuse Laws Passed
The Western Australian Parliament passed the Criminal Law Amendment (Intimate Images) Bill on the 19 February 2019. Read more about this law at justice.wa.gov.au/intimateimagelaws/ [21/02/2019]

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