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Victims of Crime
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Accommodation support

The circumstances of a crime can sometimes leave a victim homeless, or for reasons of personal safety, they may feel they need to leave their home. If you have concerns about your security or safety in your home as a result of a crime, or because of threats or intimidation, it can be helpful to seek advice about your options.  

Increasing the security of your home may be an alternative to leaving, but in the stressful period following an incident, it can be difficult to see the options available to you. Counsellors at the agencies listed under Support for Victims are able to provide support and help you come to a decision.

If you have to find alternative accommodation as a result of a crime the following services can assist you to locate emergency accommodation.

For a referral to emergency accommodation 24 hours a day call Crisis Care.

Crisis Care (Refuge accommodation information 24-hours a day)
Phone: (08) 9325 1111
Freecall: 1800 199 008

Salvo Care Line  (information regarding hostel vacancies)
Phone: (08) 9442 5777

Tenants Advice Service
A specialist service for residential tenants. Provides information on tentant’s rights and obligations, advocacy and assistance regarding landlords.

Infoline: (08) 9221 0088
Freecall: 1800 621 888

Women's refuges

The Women's Refuge Group of Western Australia (WRG) is the community based organisation representing the women's refuge services.

The WRG aims to ensure that all women and children live free of domestic violence and family violence, and its consequences.

The Department for Child Protection has a list of refuges in the metropolitan and country areas.

Directory of services

The Department of Justice's Directory of Services for Victims of Crime is designed to give victims quick and easy reference to the range of support services, including accomodation, available to them through the many Government and professional non-government agencies throughout Western Australia.

The directory is periodically updated as details change and further services are added.

Last updated: 23-Jul-2019

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