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Victims of Crime
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Court conduct

To ensure the court operates in an effective and efficient way, it is essential that everyone conducting business in court behaves in an appropriate manner.

If you are appearing in court you should:

  • remember to take any relevant documents about the case with you to court
  • be punctual - if you are late, your case might be heard in your absence or a warrant might be issued for your arrest
  • stand when a judge or magistrate enters or leaves the courtroom. If you are appearing as a litigant or defendant, stand when the magistrate or judge speaks to you and when you speak to them
  • bow towards the judge, president or magistrate sitting on the bench when entering or leaving a courtroom
  • enter and leave the courtroom quietly so you do not disrupt proceedings
  • ensure your mobile phone is turned off before entering the courtroom
  • not talk, eat, smoke or chew gum in the courtroom
  • address the judge or magistrate as 'Your Honour' or 'Sir' or 'Madam'
  • address others by their titles and surnames, including lawyers, witnesses and court staff

Court staff will help you in any way they can, but staff cannot give you legal advice.

Last updated: 12-Apr-2019

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