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Victims of Crime
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How can I protect myself?

Develop a safety plan to ensure the safety of yourself and family. A safety plan is a pre-planned set of steps you will take in response to a threat. Tell trusted friends about your plan. There are a number of actions you may wish to include, for example:

  • Arrange a safe haven with friends and know the whereabouts and telephone numbers of refuges.

  • Program emergency phone numbers into your home phone. Obtain a mobile phone for emergency purposes and ensure emergency numbers are programmed into the memory.

  • Program your phone so that it does not display your call number to the receiver.

  • Make an appointment to meet the Sergeant-in-Charge of your local police station and advise him/her of your circumstances. Program the nearest 24-hour police station into your phone/mobile.

  • If you have a photo of the stalker, show it to your work colleagues, school and neighbours and ask them to report any sighting to police.

  • Arrange a home security check with police and consider installing deadlocks, lockable windows, exterior sensory lights, peepholes in doors, security screens on exterior doors, getting a dog and trimming shrubbery close to windows.

  • Maintain an unlisted telephone number and screen all calls.

  • Wherever possible, try to have someone with you when travelling to work, or attending social activities.

  • Take different routes when travelling to the same locations.

  • Contact a Domestic Violence Service and talk to them about how to remove your address/contact details from all public records and Government agencies.

  • Keep a small packed suitcase for a quick departure. If you have children, include clothes and special toys for them too.

  • Always ensure there is a full tank of petrol in your vehicle and spare keys kept with a trusted friend. If you leave your home and friends cannot find you at the pre-planned places ask them to notify police. If you alter your safety plan, make sure that trusted friends are aware of these changes.

Last updated: 12-Apr-2019

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