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Victims of Crime
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Any person who pursues another with intent to intimidate that person, commits a stalking offence.

Stalking occurs when it can be proved that the stalker intended to intimidate you. If no intent can be proved, then it is called intimidation.

If the person stalking you causes you apprehension or fear, physical or mental harm, if they prevent you from doing something that you are legally entitled to do, or if they compel you to do something illegal, then they are stalking you.

If you believe that you are being stalked, it is important to report the incident to police.

What behaviours constitute stalking?

  • Someone repeatedly phoning or following you
  • Someone watching your home or workplace
  • Someone sending you unwanted gifts
  • Someone sending you unwanted messages- cards, letters, emails, faxes
  • Someone leaving signs that they have been in or around your home in order to intimidate you.

Last updated: 12-Apr-2019

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