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Victims of Crime
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Third party insurance

The Insurance Commission of WA provides third party insurance for owners of all registered motor vehicles in Western Australia. The registered owner of the vehicle is protected against liability resulting from their negligence in regard to death or bodily injury directly caused by, or by the driving of, a Western Australian registered vehicle.

Notice of intention to claim must be made as soon as possible after the motor vehicle crash. The claim itself can be made later, but must be finalised within six years of the crash. In the event of the injured party being a minor at the time of the crash,  a claim can still be made up to six years after the minor's 18th birthday.

Claims for personal bodily injury are governed by the Motor Vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Act 1943.

Fatal injury claims resulting from a crash are dealt with under the provisions of the Fatal Accident Act 1959.

Claims under the Fatal Accident Act 1959 can be made, subject to liability, for:

  • the reasonable cost of funeral and headstone expenses and any associated medical expenses to the time of death
  • past and future losses sustained by relatives who can establish they were financially dependent upon the deceased.

How can I lodge a claim for loss of life or personal injury?

To establish if you are entitled to make a claim, contact the Insurance Commission of WA, Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Division.

You will be advised of your entitlement to lodge a claim and you may choose to consult a solicitor for legal advice. A reference number is provided and the claim forms will be mailed to you.

Contact details

Insurance Commission of WA
Fatal Accidents & Personal Injury Claims
Forrest Centre
221 St Georges Terrace
Phone: (08) 9264 3333
Fax: (08) 9264 3329

Last updated: 12-Apr-2019

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