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Victims of Crime
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Witness protection

People who are at risk of death or injury by an offender can be considered for assistance at the request of the investigator. The WA Police has a specialist area, the 'Witness Protection Unit' which, on the request of the investigating police officer, will assess the suitability of an individual for witness protection.

The 'Witness Protection Unit' has the legislative powers to help individuals with relocation and new identities if required.

The assistance can be for witnesses or individuals under threat. The victim/witness and their immediate family members can also access this help.

The assistance or referral to the specialist unit can only be made by the investigating officer. The unit will not accept calls from the public.

In less serious cases, police will advise people on how to ensure their own personal safety and improve the security of their homes.

Last updated: 12-Apr-2019

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